In Love …. and going on Holiday

I am IN LOVE. Not just like a high school crush, but a change your life omg kinda love. You might think that I am talking about a person, but I’m not, I already have that, and have for sometime now, and I know I’m lucky, but today, I am in love with dream dinners. www.dreamdinners.com Love it. So, let me explain…. I am NOT a cook. I honestly don’t find much joy in being in the kitchen alone, and cleaning up the mess, and then the dishes. It is so not my thing. On top of that, I hate menu planning, and going grocery shopping, and chopping veggies sucks. Really, it does, and I don’t like it. One of the reasons I don’t cook more with veggies. So, dream dinners. I pick a menu from their choices, it changes monthly, and they shop, cut my veggies, and set up the assembly line, AND they CLEAN up when I’m done. SWEET. I come home freeze and then bake (that’s what I’ve chosen to do so I don’t have to cook so much), and everything has flavor, and the kids LOVE it too. I am done with my commercial, but I’m in heaven.

Now, the really good part, even if dream dinners wasn’t good enough. I am going to Scotland, and am looking for any advice. I’m going to Edinburg, with my cousin, granny, and a friend.

I haven’t been knitting much. Reading some lately, the book is really good. A lady came into the store the other day and recommended a bunch of good books that I am really looking forward to reading.



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