Titleless because I just can’t think of one

I have FINALLY found the charger for my camera. So, pictures should be coming soon. My baby sweater has one sleeve that needs to be done, which is great considering I wasn’t planning on even doing the sleeves. I had lost interest, but picked up again.

I’ve started some washclothes as part of a homemade Christmas, but I’m not sure how long that will last. All I can say is the past two months have left me with knitting ADD. I NEED to finish something and not start something new. MUST MUST MUST.

 I’ve been busy with MK. It suprises me how it just works in circles, coming and going. I really enjoy it. I, also, love my discount. I’m all about free, you know?

School has been busy for the boys. Keeping me busy, too. Somehow I ended up room mom for the oldest, and I know I did NOT sign up for it! I will go ahead and do it because I think there is an excellent source of parents in this class. Last year, in the the youngest, I couldn’t find any help and it just ended up being a long year.

So, my big plans for today are going to get my nails done, and them I’m going to the LYS to knit.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


1 Response to “Titleless because I just can’t think of one”

  1. 1 secret pal
    October 6, 2006 at 3:46 pm

    Happy Day! I just found out that I’m your secret pal!!!

    This is the first SP exchange I’ve participated in…and am SO excited! Please be sure to post your answers to the SP9 questionnaire!

    Your new friend,
    Secret Pal

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