Camping! Rain, Flat tires

I was really stressed about the campout this week-end. Maybe because it’s the first one I have done alone with the boys. It was actually the oldest only. We went with other cubscouts, so I wasn’t really alone, but I had to make sure everything was there, ready, and put up. I don’t handle well with adult pressures! We have a really good group, tho, because in the end it was a lot of fun, and I had help when I needed it, and had company when I was scared.

D helped me put up the tent. YAY! I didn’t even have to read the instructions. SWEET. Then, I was going to get some lifesavers for mouth lightning, and I had a FLAT! Can you believe this? I didn’t even have time to freak out before I heard comments like this, ” I have a flat jack” OR “I think I have a pull kit” all of which meant, the tire didn’t even have to be removed, and my tire was full of air, AND repaired in ten minutes, out in the woods. Seriously, how awesome is that. I felt like I finally had friends in Austin. I couldn’t help smiling. It’s finally home. Even with the rain, it was great. Pictures to come! OR Maybe I will even do those now. 🙂

I knit for a little bit, not as much as I wanted, but it was still good. I love knitting outside, by a fire. It’s just good all around. Still working on Christmas presents.


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