Work has been tough lately. My boss doesn’t give positive feed back, so I have to remember the days she doesn’t say anything are good days. Sometimes, that’s hard. I just know it’s because the holidays are coming, and well, we are just preparing to get our bums whipped. It’s what happens in December, every December. I have been debating whether or not I will stay on. I’ve thought about quitting once market is over, but I just don’t know yet. I’ll think about that more after I come back from Scotland. Which is coming up, because it’s NOVEMBER!

It’s been a struggle lately. Halloween was good, the kids had fun, but just finding the energy to be there hard. I wanted to hide out in my house, and not deal with it. It just seems so overwhelming for me right. I haven’t been knitting much. I want to, sit down and plan to, put in a movie, but then lose all interest in it. I’ve looked for new patterns, thought if I got new yarn, or whatever that it would inspire me, but it’s not. I haven’t even had the energy to go to the LYS to fondle the yarn. That’s not like me.

I’m whiny and rambling. So sorry. It’s the grey clouds they are making me do it.



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