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January 15ish

So, my quilting has been put on hold. I’ve finished the spongebob quilt, and the pokemon was next, and the edinburgh rock one… well, it’s just on hold atm…. because i’ve picked up my knitting needles after sometime and have started a new purse. This week-end when I was out in Houston, I figured the Dave purse needed to have a break, ad since I can’t find one that I like the best thing to do it make it, so that’s what I’m doing now. This evening I was winding on the ball winder! Man, I love those things.

The boys did well at the pinewood derby! Each year, the stress of making the car is becoming less and less. They finished well, and had fun which was the best part.

 Saw my Dad, first time in six years, and that went ok. Made it home before the weather sucked. Took the boys to the San Jacinto Monument, and the Battleship Texas. It’s funny how I never think I am going to enjoy something and then I become fascinated. The San Jacinto Monument was very cool.


New Years Resolutions

Work was overwhelming over the holidays! I mean ….. Insane with computers going down, DSL going out, and things breaking. The constant stream of customers always makes me nervous. I want to get them in and out as fast as possible, and I hate feeling unproductive even if it isn’t my fault. The missing package has been found, thank goodness, I was feeling awful about that even tho it wasn’t anything I done.

 So, the holidays are over and I thought I would post one of the Christmas presents I made …. OK so maybe I won’t dang it… Not sure why it won’t upload.

My new years resolutions are simple this, in hopes to actually follow them.

My ultimate goal is to be healthier. To accomplish this … I have two

1. Add veggies to every meal ~ maybe not breakfast

2. Less soda

That’s it. Nothing to exciting, but the beginning.