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I spent an hour on the water yesterday. It wasn’t intentional. I mean, I made one round in front of the dock and landed properly, but Pete sent me out again. I was pretty proud the first round. I made my turns and I navigated around people, basically, this means, I put on the breaks til they passed. The second round, I got stuck in the trees. The oars got stuck under a root, that was connected in the ground on both sides. Man, did that suck, but I remained calm, and I got out  WITHOUT flipping over. This is my big fear. Falling out because I so suck at getting in. I missed the dock my second time around, SO I circled around again. Almost missed it, but Pete made the others move and I got in. It really did not feel like an hour while I was out there, but my body sure knows it was now! I feel it in every muscle just like they say.

I did start my so called scarf. I love the pattern, but I’m not sure about the yarn, so I’m going to head to the yarn store tomorrow after class and see what else I can find. I want sun fire colors. I have light blues and greens.


change of plans…

I’m sooo excited about knitting something finally. It’s been awhile. Starting the My So Called Scarf … from here…

MUST knit it!

Also, saw this on another website… and thought it was cool… how they making knitting needles… it’s just the geek in me… what can i say…



I know it’s been forever… I’ve been struggling with just handling the day to day of every day life for a while now. I think some of it must be the holidays and the weather.  Depression just really kicks my ass sometimes.  I just wish the sun would stay out. sculling

The oldest and I have started sculling classes out on town lake. We had so much fun so far!! We were out on the water from our first class. I’ve posted a bad picture from my phone since Lazlo ate the cord to hook up the digital camera cord to the pc. So, this is an oldest in the middle of town lake! Did I mention I love this. Maybe this will help with the ups and downs right now.

 I’ve been working on the illusion scarf again… It was ripped back some, and I want to finish this.

 That’s all that’s going on right now.