I spent an hour on the water yesterday. It wasn’t intentional. I mean, I made one round in front of the dock and landed properly, but Pete sent me out again. I was pretty proud the first round. I made my turns and I navigated around people, basically, this means, I put on the breaks til they passed. The second round, I got stuck in the trees. The oars got stuck under a root, that was connected in the ground on both sides. Man, did that suck, but I remained calm, and I got out  WITHOUT flipping over. This is my big fear. Falling out because I so suck at getting in. I missed the dock my second time around, SO I circled around again. Almost missed it, but Pete made the others move and I got in. It really did not feel like an hour while I was out there, but my body sure knows it was now! I feel it in every muscle just like they say.

I did start my so called scarf. I love the pattern, but I’m not sure about the yarn, so I’m going to head to the yarn store tomorrow after class and see what else I can find. I want sun fire colors. I have light blues and greens.


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  1. March 5, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    awhh! I love the pictures of the hippo and tortoise — thanks for sharing!

    It’s great you found a group to meet with — it sounds like it’s a good fit for you!

    Have a great day!!

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