Random Chatter

There is no sculling new this week.

I have found a depression support group that meets every other week. It was really benefitial, the first meeting. I’m bummed I’ll miss next weeks, but I have plans out of town.  Been looking for a doctor, but not having much luck, and it’s stressful and disappointing.

I saw a few movies this week-end. Finally saw Hitch from beginning to end, and fell in love with Will Smith again, and Kevin James was pretty good in the movie too. BUT the movie that I loved was Stranger than Fiction with Will Farrell and Emma Thompson. Dustin Hoffman was great in it. Really enjoyed his character. I thought the backgroud details in this movie were great, and so funny. I guess I’ve always wanted to be a numbers person even tho deep down, I’m really not. Will Farrell was good, and so was Emma.  It was just my kind of movie.

I got my yarn from knitpicks.com to dye. I even picked up kool-aid at H.E.B, but since then have decided it’s really too stressful to think about.  So, it’s been sitting there. I am going to try to work on it today because I WANT to get the scarf done, and I want it to be fun because nothing says summer like a wool scarf. You know what I mean.

Random pictures about adaption, and an old story to boot, but this baby hippo was orphaned during the tsunami. He ended up in a cage with a male tortoise who is a hundred years plus. The tortoise adopted the hippo and because his mother. The pictures show how much the hippo needed him.  

hippoturtle6.jpg hippoturtle4.jpg hippoturtle3.jpg hippoturtle1.jpg


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