Camping and baby socks

baby socksfamily camp outethan on the golf coursefamily camp out dishesdishes family camp out

Knitting, I finally have one knitting picture. These are socks that I knitted for my pharmacist. I’m sure this will sound odd, but she’s so nice, and she knows my last name without looking, which is a huge deal in itself, but she always… always .. asks about my boys by first names, too. So, I knit the socks at the camp out this week-end. I’ve just started a lil beanie hat to go with them. They are more toddler size than baby size. I’m real pleased with how they turned out.

Speaking of camping, the boys had their first official camp out as Boy Scouts. They were sooo excited to be going. The boys set up by themselves, and did well.  I thought they did well. I HAD to take a picture of them doing dishes for the camp! 30 people in all which I thought was a lot to start off with. The youngest jumped right in and helped each time. The picture of them doing dishes is the oldest and the youngest working together! YAY! Also, a picture of the new scouts dish pan hands. Very cute!

The family outing was golf. I was suprised at how excited the boys were, not only mine, but all of them. So, included are pictures of my boys messing around on the course. I had no idea that driving golf carts could make you feel so yucky and motion sick, but it was fun.

The did a service project, clearing some brush away from a fence line. They came back so tired, and hot, and worn out.

I think this week-end was great, and the rain even held off.


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