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Waiting for the rain!

I am waiting for the rain. It looks like it’s going to storm. I love storms, with lots of rain. The oldest was glued to the weather channel this morning. He loves weather, sometimes is scared of it, but loves it all the same. He’s had this odd fascination with it since he was 3. At that time, he was scared of wind. If it would blow when we were outside it was time to go in. That was a very long 4 months. This morning, tho, he announced he was going to be a storm chaser. What is scary is that I see it happening. I don’t think this is going to be one of those things that goes away. Hopefully, he will always have the respect and some fear of the weather like he does now, and not get stupid. Maybe we’ll all be watching him on the news some day.

 I’m at the toe of one sock, and ready to cast on for the second one. I am ready to start the yarn that has been sitting in the truck for a week, but I don’t want to start anything until I finish these socks. The new yarn is scrumptious tho. It NEEDS to be knit.

I’ve recieved some wonderful stitchmarkers from the stitchmarker swap and it’s been so fun looking at the ones everyone else has been knitting.


Sunday and Camping


Well, camping sort of happened, but ended shortly.  I had issues, and wanted to go home. Was I the one that got homesick?!? You may never know.

The youngest and I went out for a walk today. Above are some crappy pictures from my phone, but pictures are pictures right? Well, on our little outting, we saw a snake, a deer, a crane, some cardinals, (he loves the red birds in the green trees… they make him happy), some amazing rocks, a fossil, and nature in general. The puppy came home tired, and should sleep well tonight. At least that is what I am hoping.

I’ll have to post pics of the oldest as grubmaster. 🙂


Virginia Tech

My thoughts go out to the family and community around Virginia Tech during this really sad time.


Taxes… UGH AND a HUGE thank you to my secret pal

Well, the taxes are officially done. AND let’s just say this year, they sucked. I am so glad that it’s not as bad as I first thought it was. I seriously would have cried.

 I’ve been working on a sock for myself. Enjoying it too, on size 0’s, can you believe it??

AND the good news for last, I wanted to thank my secret pal for my package!! There was a GREAT pattern book, and notepads and pens, it’s like she knew I would go crazy in an office supply store. Other odds and ends, that I’m loving. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Link of the Day

I ran across this morning, and find it scary, and funny at the same time!  


What do you do when you forget to buy Easter Egg dye?



Well, you look through your cabinets and pantry, desperately looking for food color. Deep down, I knew I didn’t have any because I use that gel stuff for cakes, BUT I looked anyway. I didn’t want to go out at all. Then I found my kool-aide stash for dyeing my knitpicks yarn. I have a lot of Black Cherry, and Mango, LOL, but the eggs came out cute. We even pulled out a white crayon to see if the wax would keep they dye off the egg and it did. I even made a Uni of Texas one, and Virginia Tech one. They are hard to see, but they ARE there. Follows my egg dyeing with kool aide tutorial!


The week-end

The boys and I headed out to Town Lake this week-end. It was wonderful out. The oldest went out sculling, then then kayacking. I’m so proud of him for getting out there, and just going.

Saw two movies this week-end. Blades of Glory, and Namesake.

Blades of Glory was funny, and not serious. I enjoyed it, and of course, I love Jon Heder and Will Farrell.

Namesake was very good. It was done by the same lady that made Monsoon Wedding.  Kal Penn was in it, Harold and Kumar go to White Castel. I was worried how he would do in a serious role, but he did well. I was impressed. I really like the story. Some of it I could relate to. It had humor, and love, and tragedy. Definitely worth seeing.

No knitting this week-end. Just a lot of sewing. Drawstring bags for camping.

I felt good, tho. The first week-end in a while where I didn’t feel like life was too much.

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