The week-end

The boys and I headed out to Town Lake this week-end. It was wonderful out. The oldest went out sculling, then then kayacking. I’m so proud of him for getting out there, and just going.

Saw two movies this week-end. Blades of Glory, and Namesake.

Blades of Glory was funny, and not serious. I enjoyed it, and of course, I love Jon Heder and Will Farrell.

Namesake was very good. It was done by the same lady that made Monsoon Wedding.  Kal Penn was in it, Harold and Kumar go to White Castel. I was worried how he would do in a serious role, but he did well. I was impressed. I really like the story. Some of it I could relate to. It had humor, and love, and tragedy. Definitely worth seeing.

No knitting this week-end. Just a lot of sewing. Drawstring bags for camping.

I felt good, tho. The first week-end in a while where I didn’t feel like life was too much.


2 Responses to “The week-end”

  1. April 5, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    Hey Girl!

    I just saw that you put your picture on the Frappr map on my blog — great photo! Green is your color, girl!

    Hope you’re having a great day!!

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