Mothers Tea

This afternoon was one of the best I’ve ever had. My oldest son’s fifth grade class had a Mother’s Day Tea for us. In Austin, after 5th grade you go onto Middle School, and that’s just scary for me. But this afternoon was beautiful.

The class had done all of the work, they had decorated the room, and purchased refreshments, did research on teas, and Mother’s Day, the whole works. The students were very proud, and you could tell that some of them were stressing over it, and that it was indeed very important to them. My son even asked for a belt, and I’m sure I would have fallen over had he asked for dress shoes. He looked very nice, and his last words for me before he hopped out of the car was to wear a dress for the tea. You just don’t throw that on a girl who doesn’t wear dresses on a regular basis. 🙂 I assured him I would dress nice. My friends children told one mom to wear make-up and the other had a favorite hair style of the mom. Very cute.

The room was decorated with crepe paper ribbons.  The colors were, pink, yellow, and lavender. We all had name tags on, and our kids escorted us to our chairs. Each child had a letter to read to their mom in front of everyone, and some of them made you laugh, and others made you cry. We were well prepared for the tears because the teacher knew enough to place tissues in each chair. N’s made me smile, and feel warm, but didn’t make me cry. Later on he said that if he had made me cry he would have cried too. Isn’t he just a sweet kid? There were baby pictures, and letters on the walls, and each child had drawn a picture of their mom. Some of them were so funny, but they were all very cute. I will post mine sometime soon. I had very red lips, and my O Who? t-shirt on. N kept throwing the hook’em horns sign during the tea. Another really neat thing was the teachers mom was there, and the teacher had a note for her, too. I thought it was wonderful to see that.

I am very proud of my son, and each child in that class to be honest.  I was very honored with the time and work put into today.


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