Mothers Day, Socks, and the funk, AND SP

First, Mother’s Day.

 This is the first year that I’ve really thought about Mother’s Day outside of being the Mother of my kids. This year, I admitted or let myself really miss my mom. I really do. Sometimes, I just wish I could call her up, and hear her say my name. We had tough times, she many problems, but deep down she was a wonderful person, and I know she loved me. I miss her. It will be 9 years that she has been gone, June 18th. I think because there were so many gaps in our communicating that it makes it easier with her being gone.

My Grandmother who was like my mother to me, also, came up from San Antonio today. She brought her best friend, Chris, and I learned that they have been friends for 41 years. Chris tickles me so much, and she does her best to take care of my Granny, tho sometimes, she needs it more than my Granny. So, my Granny was here, my cousin Pam, Chris, and the neighbors from across the street. We all hopped in the ‘burbon and headed to Ryans for a buffet. It was crowded, but the company was good. Afterwards, we went to the cemetary to see Trey’s grave. I haven’t been, he’s also been gone 9 years, May 18th. The weather was warm, but the cemetary so was bright from all of the flowers. I finally saw the bench that they put in memory of my mom. It’s hard not knowing what Bobby did with her ashes. There just isn’t a real place where I can go, which in the end probably shouldn’t be so important but it is. After Granny left, the Uncles, kids, and I walked around reading the headstones. There were times were I was in awe of the many years someone had lived, and then the sadness seeing a young child. It made me hug my boys, and just be thankful they are healthy and happy. We came home, and then I napped of course, and then worked on my socks…..

Which is topic 2. Socks have toes and need to have the ends woven in. I can’t wait. It feels like I have been working on them forever! So, pictures tomorrow. Socks, a pair at one time. YAY.

3. Thank you to my wonderful secret pal! Who sent me a yarntainer! I was giving a friend a hard time about her’s, but was secretly envious of it, but couldn’t get myself to buy one. SOOO now I have one, AND I didn’t buy it! She’ll know who she is when she reads this. It won’t be a secret. AND AND AND my SP, KP, sent some bamboo yarn, in fire colors, which I just love. I know this yarn will sit there WAITING for THE project because it is JUST THAT good. It’s one of those. It needs to be used, but it will wait for the project just for it. There is also a felted flower kit, which I’m really looking forward to starting! SOOOO excited about that. Great colors, too. And some really romantic white, gold yarn… YUM! ALSO, as if that wasn’t enough, there was a great card! Thank you, KP. I truly loved everything. The yarntainer is already holding the yarn for my next project that I’ve been wanting to knit with soooo bad.

4. The Funk. It’s bad. It started before today. I had a really flaky week last week. I didn’t want to really go anywhere, but I didn’t want to be at home.  I didn’t want company today, which I enjoyed once they got here. I’m not sure what to say about that. It’s just the funk, and each time it starts, I’m scared it’s here for an extended stay.


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