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Summer Camp is coming!

Ready or not, we leave on Saturday. I am approaching this as I approach most things. It’s not denial, but it’s kind of I’m just not going to worry about it, and what happens will happen. New places are hard for me, and this is definitely a new place. That said, I am excited. I can’t wait to see NM. I’ve been debating on what cameras to take. I think I am going to take the SLR and some black and white film. See what I can get of the boys and nature. And I’m going to take the Mavica for the digital. The only issues with that is that they are slightly bulky, but they do take better pictures.

The oldest has one of his friends here from Kansas City. They’ve been playing Play Station a lot, more than I would normally allow, but it is summer, and with Christian being here and that’s what they want to do, and they ARE talking LOL, I figure it is ok, you know? Tonight, we are going to see the Silver Surfer, so not my kind of movie. The previews look good, but maybe too much action. I wonder if I am capable of knitting in a theatre??

¬†The jaywalker is coming along, and I’m loving it. I hope I have the second sock finished during summer camp and that I can start another pair. ūüôā


June 18th


It’s been 9 years since my mom passed away.¬† It’s hard to think she was only 39 and that I’m 31, and that’s only an 8 year difference. I miss her lots. This is a picture of her that I really love.



I spent a week in Kc. It was nice¬†seeing some old friends, and sites, but as always it is good to be home. The kids and I did some geocaching on the way, and also, up in KC.¬†The caches took us to some neat sites. Pic 1… is where¬†a cache was, but it was also the home of many Daddy long¬†legs, and I just wasn’t going to¬†disturb them. Pic 2… is a couple of mustangs I saw¬†on the way. You just have to love pink. pic 3… A picture of the oldest¬†all grown up, it was amazing how fast that happened. Pic 4 … a rest area out of Texas …¬†Pic 5 a location of a geocache that¬†is in honor of the Eagle Scouts¬†out there. Pic 6 a shroom….

¬†I went to the yarn stores in KC and just enjoyed¬†looking and fondling all of the yarn. I picked¬†up some tofutsies for some jaywalkers which I’ve already started. I’m loving this pattern. I’m just about halfway done with the gusset.

The weather was great, and it’s going to rain now that I’m at home… how perfect is that??


This time last year … and the finals

I just spent an hour watching an episode of 1000 Places to See Before You Die. They were in India and it made me realize that this time last year, so was I.¬† This year has been long, and sometimes very hard. I’ve struggled through a lot of days, and at the same time, I know that I’ve done some really amazing things. I made it through a trip that was very hard for me. I’ve met some amazing people. I learned to scull, geocache, crochet … even tho it’s not my thing, I learned to make more than a chain, I learned some Spanish, I’m trying new things, and I’m getting things done that used to be hard for me. So, tough year, with good things sprinkled in.

So, the show only showed Delhi, and that is so sad because there is so much to see in India. The culture varies so much from the North to South, back to last year … here are some pictures from my trip….

My boys won game 1 of the Finals. Woohaa


A knitting failure!

I was working on a cute little washcloth in a lace kinda pattern, and somewhere after many frogs, and thinking it was looking cute, after I bound off I realized I didn’t know what I was doing, or I realized maybe knitting at the pool is NOT the thing to do. It is horrid really, and I’ll post pictures of it soon. I’ve never had something come out so off. I’m feeling blah about it, tho.

I have this beautiful bamboo yarn that I’m trying to find a project to knit with it. I’m being so picky that I worry it’s just going to sit on my craft area and haunt me. Knit meeeee… but what should I knit…… knit meeeeee……. you get the idea. I just want to do it NOW.

Went geocaching in San Antonio with the boys yesterday. The first two we found were fun, but the third one just about did us in, and it was the one we needed to find so we could transfer one of the hitch hikers on it’s way. We kept it up and we found it, many misquito bites later. Deet didn’t seem to work yesterday, they were very hungry and had a feast on us.

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