A knitting failure!

I was working on a cute little washcloth in a lace kinda pattern, and somewhere after many frogs, and thinking it was looking cute, after I bound off I realized I didn’t know what I was doing, or I realized maybe knitting at the pool is NOT the thing to do. It is horrid really, and I’ll post pictures of it soon. I’ve never had something come out so off. I’m feeling blah about it, tho.

I have this beautiful bamboo yarn that I’m trying to find a project to knit with it. I’m being so picky that I worry it’s just going to sit on my craft area and haunt me. Knit meeeee… but what should I knit…… knit meeeeee……. you get the idea. I just want to do it NOW.

Went geocaching in San Antonio with the boys yesterday. The first two we found were fun, but the third one just about did us in, and it was the one we needed to find so we could transfer one of the hitch hikers on it’s way. We kept it up and we found it, many misquito bites later. Deet didn’t seem to work yesterday, they were very hungry and had a feast on us.


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