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dsc01232.jpgdsc01232.jpgdsc01232.jpgdsc01232.jpgIt rained the rest of the day on Monday after we pitched our tents. The boys were so good, and made themselves happy by playing board games, and cards. It sucked to be so muddy, tho. Tuesday was beautiful. They spent the day riding bikes, doing some hiking, and we went to the falls. The water was flowing so fast. It always amazes me that even tho listening to the sound of water running like that is so peaceful to me, the force behind it can be brutal. The kids spent time throwing rocks over the falls.

I didn’t take any knitting, but I’ve slowly been knitting on my cursoe sock, which I think is coming out lovely.

I had my first day at work at the art studio yesterday. One that I almost didn’t go to because it started to feel like it was too much, and it was hard to get ready for. REALLY hard. I hate when I get like that. The day went well after the morning, and I did have fun. I, also, had another interview. And this is a job, that I want more than anything. I think it would be challenging, but more than anything rewarding, and it would be doing something that I would be proud to share with others.

Kinda drab and boring, but that’s whats going on.


socks, and camping

I am still one and a half socks through my jaywalkers. They sit there in the back of my mind, constantly telling me I need to finish. I know I should, but I’m not STILL not interested. I love how the other one fits, but not enough to finish this pair. So, I picked up the yarn that I hurried through one of the last pairs that I knit and cast on. The plain sock wasn’t exciting. I was so geeked up about the colors in this one, and then completely let down. BUT I decided I would do a short cursoe, AND it’s like a match made in heaven. I am about half way through sock one, the easy one, but I’m sure I’ll knit up the second one because it’s looking so fun and cute. The fabric is coming out so much different than I expected. It’s more dense, which is ok, just again not what I expected.

Tomorrow begins another camp out. The boys are really looking forward to it, and I’m mostly all packed. Just the food in the fridge needs to be put in a cooler, and I’m basically done. I still have to upload some caches to the GPS, but I’ll do that tonight. There are quite a few out at this state park.

I got a new job at an art studio. I’m getting very nervous about starting, and having to be around people. I’m quite content, hanging out in my home, and hiding. I don’t know what I really think about putting myself out there again, and having to make new and different aquaintances. This is pretty close to my dream job, tho. Something that everything points to me enjoying. I hope I do.



I’m not sure what was up with today, but it sucked. I had plans to get things done, and none of them happened. I didn’t even manage to get to the store, and I really needed to.  I was up and down about what I wanted to knit. The shawl I’m working on is uninviting at this point, so I thought I would cast on for the crusoe socks from knitty. Which, I did, and then I undid. I know I would enjoy knitting them, but I wasn’t like the yarn that I had, and I L O V E the yarn that I have, so what’s with that.

In the end, I watched last nights Big Brother, which was probably one of the best episodes I’d ever seen, minus the ones with Dr. Will.

I hope the sun comes out tomorrow and I feel better.


Camping and Big Brother

The youngest and I are camping tonight. I’m sure you don’t believe it because I’m sitting here typing, BUT it’s true. We are. The tent is all set up in the backyard, and the air mattresses are filled, and the lantern is ready to head out. I could get used to camping like this. He was upset because he didn’t get to go to summer camp with the oldest and myself, SO this is our deal.

 I’ve, also, got a new set of geocaches set to find, so that will maybe take place tomorrow, AFTER a job interview at this really cool store, that I would just love to work at. Fun, fun, fun.

I’ve decided I’m making a shawl. I’m using some microfiber, which is turning out so soft. This is a giftie, and I hope it brings lots of hugs to the getting.


And even tho I am enjoying this summers Big Brother 8, I miss Dr. McDreamy and watching him talk to the cameras. Why isn’t he back? He should be allowed be in every season because Y U M!


The Week-end

table.jpgdanaandkelly.jpgSometimes, I get a lot done, and then I’m completely worn out afterwards. I know this is normal, but it’s the emotional that just seems to tear me apart. The yard work is done, tho, and I even cleaned the grill. Had the neighbor over for dinner, and only slightly burned the chicken. For those of you who went to summer camp, it was just as bad as Valley of the Flies. Honest, no joke. 

So, the jaywalkers are officially on hold. I just can’t knit them anymore. The yarn is so uninviting, and I think it’s even the needles too. How do you bend wood? It’s like a deathgrip. I even bend the metal addi’s that I have. It messes with me when I get a bent one. It just feels W R O N G.

 Which leaves me with a what to knit now. Do I start another pair of socks? Wait until I get new needles and TRY to MAKE myself finish? Work on a few Christmas presents? I need to make a list if I have any gifts that I want to make.  I was thinking of making gifts for my cousins, but have started to worry that maybe I would end up giving gifts that they take politely from their grannys, you know? Like that sweater they never wear.

I think I’ll close with some pictures….

One is of my sister and myself… You can tell even then she’s going to be trouble, and the other one is a table that painted. I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


Lady Bird Johnson, Jaywalkers, and Summer


Many thanks to Lady Bird Johnson for the beautiful Texas Wildflowers. She was a great, and interesting person, and led a very full life. When I was in the 4th grade, we took a trip out to the LBJ Ranch in Johnson City, and she was out walking around. She came over and talked to my class as we were looking around. I didn’t appreciate the flowers then, like I do now. When I lived in Missouri, I always looked forward to coming home to Texas during the Spring because I just knew the flowers were going to be so beautiful and vibrant. Rarely was I disappointed.

Slowly, I am working on the second jaywalker. I have been struggling to get going on it. I have this other yarn, that I want to knit up because it feels so soft. I think I am going to make Crusoe with them. I KNOW I should finish the jaywalkers, but the yarn that I am using has become so uninteresting!!!! Oh I am whiny today!

Summer has been going well. The boys are sleeping late, and have helped me keep things up and organized. They are growing. I’m so excited. We’ve been swimming quite a bit, and seen lots of friends. Travelled quite a bit, and done more camping than I’ve ever done. For the oldests birthday, we are going camping. It looks like we’ll be taking a friend. We’ll see how that goes. LOL. It’s just outside of Austin, so we’ll come in for the Scout meeting on  Tuesday, and his birthday. It’s going to be a slide show from camp and should be fun. 🙂


He Simpson made the moves on She Simpson


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