Learning to Knit ….

I feel like I’m on a blogging spree…. So, I was thinking about the SP11 questionaire, and a blog post that I read earlier today, I’m sorry I don’t remember where or who’s it was…. and it asked about times and places you knit in public that might not just be the best idea …. like say in a meeting, or in your office when my kid is sick in the ER waiting to be seen… I know I know…

When I learned to knit, it was after seeing the Stitch n Bitch book at Barnes and Noble on the Plaza in Kansas City. I was walking with a friend when I just laughed at the book, and she told me I need to FEEL the fibery goodness that comes from knitting. Quickly abandoning the book store, we headed to the Studio and window shopped. I was in love, so after dropping her off back at school, I went back, sat in one of their chairs at the table and said, I’m not leaving until I know how to knit.

Now this wouldn’t normally be a bad thing, but I learned to knit during finals! I could not study my geology until I finished my row. And I had only been knitting close to two hours. I had/have a problem.


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