The Lindsey Scarf, and outside of your family … Who are you?



Here are pictures of the scarf I made for my cousin for Christmas.  I am really pleased with how it came out and I hope she is too. I am, also, making her this …. calorimetry, to go with it.



So, at a job interview today, I was asked… Outside of your family, who are you? My first thought was…. isn’t it all about family. I’m so intwined with my family, I was really stumped. I knit, but I’m a mom that knits, while the kids play. Or, I read a lot, but mainly so I can hang in the same room with the kids while they are watching their shows.  It was really odd. My family is everything, they are my center. I would be lost without them. Yes, I am my own person, and I choose to spend my time with them. MOST of the time, it’s not a chore, and it’s where I belong and I am happiest. I just couldn’t seperate myself, and that’s why I probably won’t get that job. We aren’t even going to talk about the personality test thing, which I had too much fun taking.


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