I want a kiwi

I went out this week-end and had a great time. I touched a lotta of yarn, had lunch at Chris Madrids, and road tripped with a friend. Seriously, that just makes for a great week-end. We went to the Yarn Barn in San Antonio, which was a very neat little yarn shop. The owner of the shop was awesome. She was so suprised with the success of the First Annual Hill Country Yarn Crawl. The story behind the shop is so interesting. One of the employees is 94 yrs old. I hope I can handle a job at 94 IF I want one. Next, was Yarnivore, and I wasn’t truly impressed with this shop. I had read that it was awesome, but I just didn’t feel it. I did like the section of manly magazines by the couch. Boerne, had two stores, Ewe and Eye, and Rosewood Yarns. I wish I lived in Boerne. I know I would be there often. This store had a cozy section off to the side to knit. The people were wonderlous! And there, I blame Rosewood because they just reinforced my need to own a spinning wheel, and I fell in love with the kiwi. Now, I was producing yarn with character, but that’s ok. There was something so peaceful about the whole thing. I can’t make yarn with a spindle. It just isn’t something that I enjoyed, but I could see myself spinning while talking with the boys. LOVED it! Seriously. I want one so bad. 


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